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US Online Lottery

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Lottery is an all time favourite for many! The chance of winning big simply by selecting a few numbers is a quick and easy way to possibly walk away with millions. When sports betting was legalised in 2011 by the US Department of justice, slowly but surely states started selling lottery online as well. Over 5 states have started the online lottery programs and many more are coming around to it. 

Play Lottery Online 

You can play lottery online in many places and countries around the world. The US is no stranger to this, however, they do have a select number of states that allow Lottery. Some of these states include Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, New Hampshire and Minnesota. These are new online lottery providers! 

Can You Play the Lottery Online? 

The answer is simple, yes you can play the lottery online in many states throughout the United States. As mentioned above, quite a few states allow the playing of lottery thanks to the laws set out from sports betting. These laws paved the road for lottery and online games to be legalised in a few states. We are sure that every year more and more states will continue to be added onto this list! 

Lottery Strategies 

There are few cool strategies when learning how to play lottery. These include tips like finding the hot and cold numbers, learning the wheeling system, making use of the odds and evens strategy, potentially using mathematical processes to figure it out and many more. Many people simply prefer the quick pick or quick selection option where the computer generates numbers for you. 

Illinois Lottery Online 

Illiinois started selling tickets online in 2012 with Mega Millions and lotto. They were known to be the first state to ever allow the sale of tickets online. Since then they have added various lottery games including Powerball and many more. Until today, lottery is fully legal and permissible under the Illinois law. 

Nc Lottery Online 

North Carolina Lottery offers various ways for you to play lottery online including the super cool mobile app where you can buy tickets for PowerballMega Millions, Carolina Cash 5 and many more. There are no instant games available but it’s an easy to sign up system where you can buy tickets online. 

Nh Lottery Online 

In 2017 New Hampshire jumped on the lottery bandwagon and in September they went live legally with online lottery, they offer many instant games and draw games as well. The main Mega Millions and Powerball game tickets can be bought online in New Hampshire through quick number selection or your own custom selection. 

Delaware Online Lottery 

Unfortunately, Delaware does not allow or offer online lottery or online casinos. However, you can play video lottery in the three land-based casinos (Dover Downs, Harrington and Delaware Park). There are over 6000 lottery machines that one can access at the casinos. 

What To Do If You Win The Lottery 

So, you have won the lottery? If you have won the lottery online you can claim your winnings or bonus through the site or mobile app where you bought the ticket from. If you bought it in a land based casino or retail store you need to make sure to keep a hold of your ticket and ensure you follow steps such as hiring a tax professional and make sure to spend your money wisely! 

Lottery App? 

There are plenty of lottery apps all around. Depending on your state, this will determine if you have access to the app and what app is used. Apps are a quick and easy way to access your lottery numbers, buy tickets, check results and so much more! 

Best State To Play Lottery 

There is no best state to play lottery, the reason for this is that there are not a large amount of states that do offer online lottery. The ones that do are all very much on par with the standards of playing online.  Like mentioned earlier, there are a few states who do allow it and those all meet the same criteria when playing. 

How To Play Lottery Online 

Playing lottery is very easy when its done online. Its much easier than having to go to a store or land based casino. Simply register at an online site in your chosen state and buy your tickets whenever you like. Like mentioned, you can track results and much more online as well! 

Can You Play Lottery Online 

Of course, you can! There are plenty of states in the US and countries across the globe that allow you to play lottery online. If you would like to play in your state and are not sure about where to go, follow us at Americasino to learn more! 

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