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New Hampshire Sports Betting

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Did you know that New Hampshire modest gambling industry has produced the state a revenue close to 300 million US dollars per year throughout the USA? This is definitely a reason to learn more about online gambling, sports betting and so much more when it comes to the lovely state of New Hampshire. 

New Hampshire is now the sixth US state to pass the sports betting bill approval across the finish line. Currently only less than 10 states already have activity regulated industries, with an additional seven states having laws in place pending launch. 

Gambling In New Hampshire 

Unfortunately, the US doesn’t not have a one law fits all state policy, meaning you can expect every state to have its own custom laws when it comes to gambling legalities and online gambling. Just because most states might for example permit bingo, raffles and other games does not mean they all do 

Most of these games are used for the intention of raising funds for non-profits organisations and recreational gambling to some limits. New Hampshire defines gambling as activities risking something of value upon a future contingent not under one’s control or influence with the expectation of a return of something of value. Because this definition is rather broad, it also covers internet games and therefore citizens of this state don’t have legal access to gambling options. Off track betting and state-sanctioned lottery being the exception. 

Horse and dog racing are permitted in the state laws of New Hampshire, as well as on track pari-mutuel wagering of which bets are all placed together in a large pool. Within a 48 hours limit, cruise ships with gambling facilities can enter the state of New Hampshire as well. After 48 hours the cruise ship can obtain legal face legal matters and fees. Unlawful gambling can hit your pockets, with fines up to 1200 US dollars. And if you are caught lending money for the purpose of assisting another party to gamble, you too will incur a fee. Other forms of casino and betting on any casino-style games are illegal, and though not strictly enforced wagering on sporting events is banned. 

This being said, the new mobile and online options made available to players in New Hampshire allowing more to learn about online sports bettingbonuses and gambling.  

Online NH Sports Betting 

In July of 2019 New Hampshire officially legalized online sports betting. A couple of months later in December, Draftkings became the first mobile sports betting to go live in New Hampshire. This became possible due to a bill signed by Governor Chris. Nevertheless, this does not mean all forms of gambling are legal, however it has opened doors permitting a number of sports bookies and betting operators to conduct business in the state of New Hampshire.   

The sole mobile sports betting operator and sole retail options have been assigned to Draftkings. There were 5 another viable options with Draftkings coming out as a favourite as the company offered 51% of the revenue to take first place. The contract with the New Hampshire State lottery compels DraftKings to open a minimum of 4 retail sports betting locations and with a possibility of as many as 10 others. Positively, the state’s lottery invited operators to place bids with the potential of offer some kind of negotiable terms for land-based, lottery and mobile betting. 

What is the legal gambling age in New Hampshire? 

As every state in the US has its own unique laws and regulations, New Hampshire is no exception. In this state players are required to be over the age of 18 to legally participate in all forms legal and available gambling that the state has to offer. These will have to include pooled wagering on the out of state track races, charitable gambling (raffles), card rooms, poker, bingo, ship-board casinos, lotteries and lucky 7. 

New Hampshire has recently joined the party to consider legalizing gambling in the state. The big question remains though, when will such bills pasted legalizing the act be active. For now, what we know is that the Gov. Chris Sununu has went ahead and signed the H 480, a form responsible for legalizing and regulating sports betting in New Hampshire. Lawmakers have created specific bills to adjourn the process of legalizing gambling, however it has taken a while for the bill to make its way to the corresponding authority’s desk. 

The NH lottery Commission is in charge of the industry regulation and will create a unique division called Division of Sports Wagering. This division will be responsible for enabling laws actualizing New Hampshire betting. 

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