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Delaware Sports Betting - Americasino

Delaware Sports Betting

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Did you know, Delaware gambling dates as far back as 1760, that’s 27 years before it even became an official state. Underground horseracing pools operated during that time only became regulated in 1933. It was one of the oldest forms of legalized gambling in the country at the time.  

Delaware was the first American state to officially offer fully legal casino games online! As confusing at it might be, under the federal laws gambling is considered illegal. Confusing right? Well there are caveats with every law and every state has its own such caveat.  

The state is responsible for setting its own regulation for the gaming industry, and most states are aware of the possible caveats they could create to counter the gambling ban. This has resulted in each of the fifty states having laws that make several forms of gambling either explicitly legal or illegal.  

Delaware Sports Lottery and Lottery Sports 

As stated, gambling under the federal law is mostly illegal in the US. In fact, sports wagering is only offered by four states in the US which includes Delaware. Because of this, strong prohibitions are imposed on most states, many players search for legal betting alternatives.  

That’s where Delaware steps in. However, the sports betting rules are not as free as in Nevada. Delaware is limited to parlay wagers accessible at several racetracks in the state. Even though the racetracks have limited betting lines it still remains the most popular form of legal gambling among Delaware sports fans. 

Delaware can be considered a pioneer when it comes to the state gambling laws. This state became the first to enter the domain of legal online casino gambling back in 2012. Websites offering Slots play and games like roulette, blackjack and poker, due to a Delaware legislation allowed for full-service betting in the state.  

The first phase of online gambling operation in the state of Delaware started in 2013. This allowed for the opening of web portals for poker, slots, blackjack and roulette games.  However, real money online gambling operations officially arrived in 2014, making this state the first to offer a full complement of legal casino games online.  

In the same year, both Congress parties advocated a ban online gambling, with the ban arriving just 5 months after Delaware’s system went live. It was also just a week after the state officials struck a deal with Nevada to allow online gambling across state lines. 

What Type Of Sports Betting Does Delaware Offer? 

In Delaware, gambling is a massive industry especially if you take consideration of the size of the state. With the exception of Nevada, Delaware offers more forms of gambling than many other states. Gambling in the state of Delaware is directly defined as the recording or registering of bets or wagers, or directly or indirectly betting or wagering, money or anything of value 

In charge of managing all gambling in the state is the Delaware lottery.  The Delaware lottery has been granted full power of existing gambling and as well of future operations which include the online gambling industry as well. Supplementing lottery games in Delaware are also legal casinos, sports betting and horse racing. As for online gambling there is a wide variety of that too such as the state permitted off track horse betting.   

Delaware is currently one of just two states that regulate online casino games with the most popular sites being TVG and TwinSpires. 888 is the provider of the software, furthermore, including blackjack, Jacks or better video poker, just under 16 slot titles and blackjack to its expressive arsenal.  

When can I start gambling in Delaware? 

Every state in the US has its own set of laws but in general the gambling age has been fixed for states. The national average of gambling is set at 21 years but can vary depending on specific state laws of involving the type of gambling. For example, the gambling minimum age in Delaware is 18 years for traditional lottery players and similarly alike for sports lottery. However, casinos and off-track betting require the players to be above the age of 21 in the state of Delaware. 

Where Can I Do Sports Betting In Delaware 

You can do sports betting in three main places in Delaware and they include the casino at Delaware park, Dover Downs and the Harrington Raceway and Casino. You can enjoy cool games, bonuses, bets and much more at these places in Delaware.  

If you would like to learn more about gambling in Delaware, then follow us here at Americasino for all the latest news and up to date information! 

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