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Best Nevada online casinos | (2024) |

Nevada Online Casinos

Nevada is located in the Western region of the United States, bordered by Idaho, Utah, California, Oregon, and Arizona. Before Nevada became a state, gambling had already been part of its culture.

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Online Casinos in Nevada

Many prospectors who traveled in search of gold in the Sierra Nevada brought their games of chance with them. In the early 1860s, President Lincoln appointed James Nye as Nevada Territory Governor who then stood against and encouraged the territorial legislature to ban all games of chance. Afterwards, in 1864, the first-ever legislative attempt to legalize and regulate gambling in the territory was not successful.

The construction of the Boulder Dam (currently named the Hoover Dam) in the year 1931 increased the population of Las Vegas, which led to the growth of a market for entertainment. The economic hardship brought on Nevada by the Depression made the lawmakers of Nevada State realize that gambling was very profitable, and hence came the legalization in 1931 to generate more revenue. This action led to the modern age of casino gambling, with Reno becoming the first gaming center in Nevada. The Northern Club was issued the first license for gambling followed by casinos such as Apache Hotel and Las Vegas Club.


How many casinos are there in Nevada State?

The majority of casinos available in Nevada are mostly found in Las Vegas and its suburbs. However, Nevada has its share of casinos distributed across the state. As of January 1, 2017, the Nevada Gaming Control recorded 334 casinos in Nevada including Las Vegas. The Gaming Control Board only noted the “non-restricted” casinos and defined them as businesses with table games and more than 15 video or slot poker machines. In the year 2016, the casinos in the state of Nevada generated revenue of a total of $11.257 billion as against the $11.1 billion earned in 2015 and the $11.018 billion from 2014.

The state of Nevada has four main casino areas, which are Reno, Laughlin, Las Vegas, and Lake Tahoe, coupled with several other small gaming towns such as Primm, Carson City Wendover, Mesquite, and a few other towns. Washoe County is Nevada’s second largest gambling center with a total of 45 various casinos. The gambling centers of Washoe County have 20 casinos close to Reno; 5 casinos are situated in the North Shore of Lake Tahoe; 10 casinos in Sparks and the remaining 10 casinos are spread across different areas of the County. Casinos in Washoe generated $809.6 million in total gaming revenue in 2016.

  • The revenue generated by the casinos in Washoe represent approximately 7% of the total revenue in 2016
  • Four main areas of casinos in Nevada

Reno, otherwise known as “The biggest little city in the world” has 21 casinos. The biggest casinos in Reno include Peppermill, Silver Legacy, Harrah’s Reno, Silver Legacy, and Atlantis Casino Resort Spa. The Las Vegas strip is the second-most populous casino area in the United States. The city houses some of the world’s biggest resorts, hotels, and casinos. Las Vegas has around 75 casinos with the likes of Venetian, Bellagio, MGM Grand, and so on. If you seek a place to spend your leisure time and elevate your gambling experience, you can’t go wrong with Las Vegas.


Land-Based Casinos in Nevada

Nevada is the most famous gambling center in the United States. So, when you think of land-based casinos, think of Nevada. Las Vegas is otherwise known as the gambling Mecca of the world. For almost a century now, the city has been a world leader in casino gambling with almost 104 casinos. There are two main casino areas in Las Vegas: Downtown and Las Vegas Strip. In Las Vegas, with amazing casinos such as Aria, Bally's Casino Royale, and the likes, be rest assured that your holidays will be filled with fun and your gambling experience elevated.

  1. Las Vegas is known to be the gambling Mecca of the world.
  2. Las Vegas is also known as the Sin City

Reno, with over 20 casinos, is the second-biggest casino city in the United States. In this city, you will find casinos such as Siri's, Grand Sierra Resort and Casino, Peppermill Hotel Casino, Eldorado Hotel Casino, just to name a few, where you will certainly enjoy your stay each time you visit. The biggest casino in Reno is Peppermill Resort Spa Casino located in downtown Reno. Additionally, Henderson is also a place in Nevada where you can enjoy your casino games without regret. The city has more than 2200 slot machines, 55 table games, and sportsbooks.

Other cities in Nevada where you will find land-based casinos are Clark County as well as Primm Laughlin. Additionally, most land-based casinos in Nevada also offer resorts and hotel accommodation, inclusive for players who wish to relax after they are done gambling.

Furthermore, casinos in Nevada have a large collection of games with payouts that are very impressive, also offering great loyalty programs and promotional bonuses. No matter what your gambling preferences are, be rest assured that the state of Nevada has what it takes to give you a fun experience that will be worthwhile.


History of Online Casinos

The history of online casinos can be traced back to the first internet gambling websites that went live in the mid-‘90s. At first, most online gambling sites began operations in Antigua and Barbuda, due to the island’s Free Trade and Processing Act. The Act allowed the Caribbean nation to grant licenses to businesses who wished to engage in online casinos. In that era, the first software gaming providers to ever come into the limelight was one of the world's most popular software providers, Microgaming. Another significant development in the history of online gambling was after the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, formed in 1996.

The Gaming Commission was owned, controlled and operated in Canada by a Mohawk Indian tribe. The formation of this Commission coincided with the emergence of the first online gambling sites. There have always been inaccuracies in the online gambling history, some people suggest that InterCasino was the first online platform, while others state that it was Microgaming. However, GamingClub, which is Microgaming’s first virtual platform, superseded others after opening in late 1995. Following this emergence, the online gaming industry has experienced tremendous growth, and at the end of 1996, roughly 15 online gambling sites were recorded to be up and running.

Furthermore, Nevada online gambling is restricted to Poker games only. This was made possible in the AB 114 bill that was passed in 2013. Although, Nevada might have not legalized online casinos due to the concern that it will hurt their land-based counterparts. Despite online casinos being illegal in Nevada, people have devised an alternate means to play online casino slots. As a casino lover, if you want to play casino slots online, all you have to do is get an online slot app. These apps are available both in Android and iOS devices.


Nevada Gambling Laws

Nevada has a very strict law on gambling, and it started in the year 1931 when the state recognized gambling as a legal business. The legalization of gambling in Nevada was not as easy, as it took some decades to manifest. After WWII gambling laws enforcement became strict in other regions of the United States. At the time, Las Vegas then became attractive to investors from the East Coast. Therefore, Las Vegas experienced rapid development during the 50s and became the gambling center of the US. Furthermore, the Nevada Gaming Commission was developed to monitor all things related to gambling.

The Nevada Gaming Commission aims to control all gambling license issues and make rulings in work permit appeal cases. The Commission also creates regulations to enforce and implement Nevada’s state gambling laws. It also works with the state Gaming Control Board. Through this Commission, it is possible for Nevada to closely monitor all the entities and organizations engaging in gambling operations within its jurisdiction. The Game Compliance Plan ensures that a gambling company operates its business within the scope of the stated gambling regulations and laws. To stay in the business, the Game Compliance Plan needs to be strictly followed.


Online Gambling in Nevada

Nevada is among the few states in the United State that US players can't get access to online casino games. Therefore, it's not that easy to play online casino games in Nevada, as there are no available licenses for online casinos to fully operate in the state. However, playing of online poker was fully legalized in the country a few years back. The main reason was that the state of Nevada’s reputation was built on physical casinos, thereby thinking legalizing online casinos will negatively affect the land-based casinos, which is not far from the truth.

Even though online casinos have not been legalized in Nevada, residents of the state who would like to play online casino games or poker can do so by using other alternatives from the gambling market. For any residents in Nevada who wish to play their favorite online casino games, depositing is never a problem. You can deposit through the various payment method used by most online casinos; payment methods such as direct bank transfers, Moneygram, Credit or Debit Cards, Bitcoin, Western Union, and so on are available at your disposal. The above-mentioned payment methods can also be used for withdrawing your winnings.


Online Casinos in Nevada

It has never been a doubt that the state of Nevada is the gambling center of the United States, although the Nevada Gambling Law only allows land-based casinos to operate in any part of Nevada. However, casino players who wish to wager their money online can still do so. In this section, we will explain how casino players can play their favorite casino games online. Since online casinos have not been legalized in Nevada, there are sports betting apps which allow players to bet on sports irrespective of where they are located within the state of Nevada.

Additionally, few Nevada sportsbooks offer online wagering through the use of their sports apps. They allow casino players to bet on their favorite casino games online, but the player needs to be located within Nevada to bet. Sports betting apps that are currently operating in Nevada include B-connected Sports, CG Technology, MGM Resorts, Station Casinos Wynn, Treasure Island, Westgate SuperBook William Hill, and NV Sports. Players can download the sports betting app on their desktop or smartphones. The apps are available on both Android and iOS, which allows players to enjoy their games on the go.


Sports betting in Nevada

If you are a lover of online casino bets and you are within Nevada, then you don't need to panic as you can bet on any sport or casino games you want using the different sportsbooks available within Nevada. Sports betting, in particular, has been legal in Nevada since 1949. Historically, Nevada was the first state to legalize sports betting in the United States, which was initially controlled by organized crime syndicates. Until recently, Nevada was the only state to have legalized sports betting. In 1992, Nevada gained a monopoly on single-game wagering when congress passed the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA).

Nevada enjoyed its monopoly until 2018 when the legal battle against the federal ban under the guise of PASPA reached the supreme court and it was finally resolved when the majority of the court ruled against the act. With the striking of the ban, there was room for other states to legalize sports betting and single-game wagering. Ever since eight different states have started offering a broad selection of legal sports betting. However, Nevada can still be considered as the home of sports betting in the United States although other states can now legalize their single-game wagering and sports betting markets.

  • The state of Nevada legalized sports betting in the year 1949 along with off-track and live horse betting.
  • The Professional and Amateur Sport Act (PASPA) was passed in 1992.

With the long-standing history of sports betting in Nevada, it is not surprising to see that there are lots of cities with different sportsbooks. Sportsbooks located in Las Vegas are said to be the most popular of all the available sportsbooks in the state. This is because the city is believed to be the gambling capital of the United States. In Las Vegas, you will find over 50 different bookmakers and when it comes to choosing a bookmaker, based on your preference. Other cities you can find top sportsbooks are Henderson, Reno, Lake Tahoe and so on.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the legal age for gambling?

To be eligible to gamble, you must be 21 or older. Citizens who are below 21 years of age cannot gamble at any casino even if they can walk through them.

Will online casino ever be legalized in Nevada?

The issue of legalizing online casino in Nevada has been a topic of controversy since the bill to legalize poker was passed in 2013. The main reason why the legalization of online casinos may never be possible in Nevada is that they believe it will annihilate the land-based casinos.

How can I play online slots in Nevada?

Online casino lovers in Nevada can still play their favorite online casino slots even though it hasn’t been legalized yet. This is achievable by downloading online slot apps that makes it possible for you to play your favorite games.

Is Gambling Legal in the state of Nevada?

The second-biggest casino in the world is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. So absolutely yes, gambling is legal in Nevada, with the state being the gambling capital of the country.

Is online gambling legal in Nevada?

No. The Nevada Gambling Law allows casinos to operate in all part of the state but the law has not legalized online casinos. Online Poker is currently allowed but there is no licensed online casino in Nevada at the moment.


Land-Based Casino Map Las Vegas, Nevada

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