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Illinois Sports Betting

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Like a couple of states in the US, Illinois has joined the list of states that have legalized sports betting. Both physical sportsbooks and online sports betting were passed in a state legislated bill during the spring of 2019. The bill was passed by Governor J.B. Pritzker and under this bill, bettors over the age of 21 have been authorized to play a full range of sports wagers. 

Sports betting Illinois  

The state of Illinois will continue to allow sports betting into 2020 as long as sportsbooks, casinos and states regulators jump on the matters as soon as possible. However, it may take some time at first for apps to be approved to accept wagers from the public. Players in the state of Illinois, for now, can settle on horse racing, some fantasy sport sites and online lottery which is already available and legally recognised. Each gaming site is responsible for getting the specific approval from the state before it may legally accept players from the state’s citizens.  

Illinois sports gambling  

Illinois state is likely to become a powerhouse between its wide variety of legal gambling options and large state population. The future outcome is to eventually be able to bet at online casinos and racetracks freely around the state. The state laws are also designed to legitimize online betting via computer and mobile devices. This addition of online sports betting is particularly significant as that will alone ensure fans across the state easy access to legal and safe wagering. 

What is the legal gambling age in Illinois? 

In Illinois gamblers of the ages between 18 and 20 are limited from casino gambling. However, those limits fall off when a player reaches the mature age of 21. Most players under the age of 21 seek for other states that permit them to gamble. Otherwise, there are legal forms of gambling recognised by the state of Illinois which include scratch-offs, purchasing lotteries, various state sanctioned charitable gambling and horse races.  

Players can also enjoy bingo, raffles, jar games and pull tabs. If you look hard enough you can find casino’s which accept players of 18 years old and games specific to their age bracket. Illinois allows Riverboat gambling upon any navigable stream besides Lake Michigan, but the counties must have a population in excess of 3 million.  

Other kinds of gambling related activities allowed in the state of Illinois include the following: bingo, raffles, possession of antique slot machines, jar games and charitable games. When all is said and done, bear in mind that laws can still change for the betterment of gambling or worsening what currently works. 

What are included in the Illinois gambling laws? 

Before we can get into gambling laws, it is advisable to understand what Illinois considers as gambling. It is labelled as follows; Playing games of chance or skill for money or other things of value; wagering upon games, contests, or elections; owning or operating gambling devices. 

There are no restrictions imposed by the Federal government on Illinois players from gambling on legally regulated and licensed offshore sources. The Federal laws has it, that each individual state is self-determining and place their own stance on offshore online gaming laws. Most players can participate on legal offshore internet casinos without violating any laws as most states have not taken a definitive stance on such laws.  

In terms in land gambling, gaming laws are dependent on the state, with certain types of gambling being illegal and prosecuted under the criminal statute. However, for every strict state, there is a relaxed one. Many states have, including Illinois, a calmer approach to their gambling laws and allow betting on new online casinos and sports betting.  The state of Illinois does not specify on laws regarding dog racing and off-track betting. However, horse racing and pari-mutuel wagering is allowed if licensed operated.  

How to Register For Online Sports Betting In Illinois  

Registering for sports betting in Illinois is simple for many. You can choose an online site that allows you to play, simply fill in your details, send proof of identification and deposit and place bets in your account! You can also enjoy some cool online bonuses at various places online! 

When is Illinois opening sports betting?  

Sports betting and online lottery is already live and running in Illinois. 2020 we will see a huge growth for them in terms of online betting and lottery. Sports betting was approved as part of a substantial gaming expansion bill has already mentionedThis same bill could eventually bring a casino to Chicago and other corners of the state of Illinois. 

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