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Oregon sports betting

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Sports betting has been around for a long period of time. Withing the United States, Oregon is one state that we would like to talk to you more about. Sports betting is legal in Oregon, and was made legal in August of 2019. States were freed to make their own choices about sports betting when PASPA collapsed. The Oregon Lottery then stated that there was already a legal authority to allow betting in the Beaver state.  

So, who ensures the sports betting in Oregon stays accountable? That would be the Oregon Lottery that administers the sports betting. When it comes to land based casinos, the main place to place your bets would be Chinook Winds, which is the official retail sports book in Oregon. It’s important to note that betting on college teams is prohibited.  

The Oregon Sports Betting Timeline 

The history of sports betting in Oregon somewhat began in 1989, when sports action debuted and drew in protests. However, in 1992 PASPA was passed and the sports action got a waiver. This was then followed by a discontinuation of the sports action in2005 due to the NCAA pressure. In 2018, the Oregon lottery began the release of the app, which then allowed the public better access to sports betting online.   

Sports Betting in Oregon 

As of May 2048, the United States supreme court lifted the ban on sports betting. Since then more than 10 states have officially legalised sports betting, while 7 others have agreed to make sports betting legal, however no dates are yet released.  

An important aspect of online betting would be the introduction of the wire act in 1961 which was created to prevent organized crime while playing. However, in 2011, it was decided that the wire act did not apply. When the Trump administration however came about, all forms of online gambling was then again prohibited.  

Besides Oregon, there are many other states that allow legal sports betting. Some of which include Arkansas, Delaware, Illinois, Iowa, Montana and more. 

Oregon sport betting app 

As of 2019, a lottery app in Oregon allowed sports betting to become accessible. Any one over the age of 21 is allowed to bet on sports in real time with this great app. All you have to do is simply download the app on your iPhone or android and create your first account. Once your account is created you simply need to fund the account by depositing into it.  

How to bet using the Oregon sport betting app? 

  1. Choose the game or match you want to bet on 
  1. Select the bet type and add it to your bet slip 
  1. From the slip, choose how much you would like to wager 
  1. Ensure you know what your wager includes and how much you could win or lose 
  1. Select place bet and get started! 

What Is the Oregon Lottery and what Percentage Do You Keep When Sports Betting?  

All games in sports and casino alike, have various percentages you can win. There is no specific amount that you can receive, due to the fact that how you bet, what you bet, what sports you bet on, how much you bet, etc. overall, if you place a good bet and win you will receive a great amount back. However, bear in mind that all betting comes with risks and you could potentially lose your bet.  

When Is Sports Betting Going to Start In Oregon? 

Sports betting has already begun in Oregon due to the sports betting app that was created. Like mentioned above, anyone over the age of 21 can now access the app and place bets on their favourites sports or games. 

Is sports betting in Oregon legal? 

Sports betting is legal and thanks to the sports betting app, you can play on your mobile and desktop device at any time. Oregon is a very gambler friendly state and offers people the options of both land based and online betting or gambling.  

The laws do become slightly confusing when looking into the past regulations, however, there is no law that states directly that any individual will be criminalised when gambling online. Oregon does not restrict any betting on a federal level which means as long as you are over the age of 21 betting is allowed. 

Overall, Oregon is a great place for land based and online gamers alike! If you would like to play online, take a look at what we have to offer and get started today! 

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