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Tennessee Sports Betting

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Gambling laws in Tennessee are consider quite harsh by any standard and, is defined as risking “anything of value for a profit whose return is to the degree contingent on chance, or any games of chance associated with casinos”. This can be found in in Tennessee Code.  

However, over time this has changed and a new light has been shed on many betting procedures in Tennessee and many other states throughout America. Tennessee online sports betting is a new concept for many but is one fast become a popular term, it includes bonuses, great sports and more 

Online Gambling in Tennessee 

In May of 2018, there was a landmark when U.S Supreme Court legalized sports gambling across the country. This potential billion-dollar industry has been authorized by more than 16 states legalizing sports wagering in some form or another 

Not like most other states, Tennessee permits players gambling online giving them the opportunity to bet on mobile apps. Therefore, it is safe to assume that Tennessee is ahead of the curve due to this legislation. They are the leaders in online mobile sports betting especially in the Southeast region.  

This permission of online gambling was seen as a potential cause for issues for the American Gaming Association Senior Vice President. This are an organisation responsible for the advocates of regulations and policies that represent the gaming industry of the U.S. They are responsible for starving off illegal gambling actives. One of these organisations main struggles would be matching the same access in the legal market as of that which is so appealing in the illegal market. Gamblers were likely to seek out illegal options to practice in non-sanctioned physical sportsbook locations. 

By legalising the mobile app and online sports betting however they can have better control of those who play and allow people to play responsibly.  

Sports Betting Tennessee 

On the 1st of July, online sports gambling had been legalized in the state of Tennessee. However, players were not allowed to place bets just yet. The state Senate and House passed a bill which allows citizens to participate in sports gambling online 

Once the Sports Gaming Act was approved this is when it changedA senator believed gambling through online sports betting is not in the best interest of the state, a nine-member lottery corporation sports wagering advisory council was created to ensure rules and regulations are adhered to 

When will sports betting be legal in Tenesse? 

Other than state lottery, there are no Tennessee casinos and other gambling forms. Bingo games may not be held by charity, however low limit raffles for prizes and not cash are considered. That is about as close to legal gambling as Tennessee can offer on land based. Because Tennessee can be considered a rather conservative state, the next best option would be to catch a bus to a nearby state which allows gambling. When the voters approved a constitutional amendment to create a lottery in 2002, Tennessee became the 48th state to legalize some forms of gambling. Players can head to Tunica, MS situated on the west side or Harrah’s casinos in North Carolina which is on the east side of the state. You could also head to Ohio or Indiana, which is situated on the North for Nashville Residents. 

Players interested in horse racing would have to go north to Kentucky as Tennessee does not cater for that either.  

This is where online gambling and betting steps in thanks to the app and access online players can easily bet on their favourite sports without having to leave the comfort of their own home. 

As mentioned above Tennessee is one of the most conservative states in terms of gambling laws. No physical casinos can be legally found in Tennessee. Casino gambling or card games are not offered in Tennessee to people under 18 years or over for the matter of fact. However, if you are over the age of 18 can enjoy limited raffles, raffle-style games, bingo for non-profit causes, simulcasted horse wagering, Tennessee lottery and daily fantasy sports and organizations charity games.  

Players can however benefit from online casino games and sports betting for actual money from legal and safe gaming destination as long as they are located offshore. Fortunately, the federal gaming laws do not prohibit citizens of the US from gambling on offshore online casinos. 

New USA Online Casinos are a very new concept for many, that is why Americasino is here to guide you on your online betting and gambling journey! 

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