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Terms and Conditions - Americasino

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions at

At we have terms and conditions that apply to all users of the site so please read carefully and ensure you fully understand them. We ask that you follow and obey all of the terms and conditions that we have, along with following the rules we have set in place. This is all for research, entertainment and informative purposes so none of our content should be viewed as legal advice.


  • is the home of all gambling reviews and news, using extensive research and an ensemble of experienced users to provide the information found within;
  • We do not allow or condone the illegal use of any of our materials;
  • has copyrighted all materials and they all are considered properties of;
  • None of our information is duplicated of plagiarized in any way;
  • Our information can change without notice;
  • Any trademarks belong to the owners and not;
  • does not provide any of this information as legal advice. It is simply for the purposes of entertainment and informing users;
  • There is no guarantee that the information found on is accurate nor are we responsible for any errors made;
  • We accept feedback if any information on is factually incorrect;
  • If users make use of our information, they and they alone are responsible for any legal issues when using online games or establishments;
  • We strive to provide users with current and factually correct information;
  • Hate or threatening speech is not tolerated in any way and we reserve the right to remove anything that we deem to fit these categories.


Complaint Services at


Our complaint service is free to all users, however, we are not accountable for the outcome of any complaints. You must be a registered user to use the complaint services. We reserve the right to deny any case at any time if the requirements are not met.


Rules for


You must adhere to our rules if you join These include but are not limited to, the following:


  • We do not accept anything to be posted that includes hateful speech, abusive speech, anything explicitly sexual or anything that violates any laws across the world. Immediate suspension will occur if this rule is breached;
  • In order to join the site, you must meet all requirements including age and country legislations;
  • We do not allow spam, chain letters or other such schemes, no personal advertising and nothing insulting or damaging;
  • We forbid the positing of any gambling strategies;
  • Any information that is copyrighted by is purely for legal use, unless otherwise specified;
  • Any post or page on is the property of;
  • Please report any information that you see to be breaking these rules;
  • Any fraudulent activity will be reported, and the culprits shall be banned;
  • If you violate any rules, we will first inform you of this. If you do not change after being informed, we will either suspend or ban you;
  • You must ensure the information is correct as we do not actively check it.




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