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A guide to Casino Bingo - Americasino

A guide to Casino Bingo

A guide to Casino Bingo

Table games and slot machines are not the only games you can enjoy at online casinos. Bingo is an exciting casino game that rapidly has become a staple at several gambling sites. Casino Bingo works a little differently than regular bingo, and there are numerous ways to play this exciting game.

Bingo is traditionally played in a room filled with people who all compete against each other. Their objective is to win, or to get bingo. Depending on which type of bingo is being played, there are different ways to achieve bingo. Normally the players have to cover a number pattern, either vertically, diagonally or horizontally.

When you play bingo you normally get a 5×5 scorecard which is pre-printed. The numbers will be drawn randomly at both the scorecard and the bingo wheel. If you can match the drawn numbers with your pre-printed sheet, you get bingo and the big win.


How to play online bingo at casinos

Bingo online is a fairly easy but yet entertaining game. You don’t need any previous experience, and this is a game based on luck. But if you want to get tips and learn more about strategies, posts helpful articles for both beginners and advanced players. When playing online you get to choose which numbers you want on your scorecard, as supposed to traditional bingo where the numbers are randomly given to you.

A set number of bingo balls are then placed in a raffle or a bingo wheel, where each ball represents a different number. The balls get drawn at random, and the objective is to match the drawn numbers to your specific bingo sheet. Whether the aim is to match the numbers vertically, diagonally or horizontally, depends on which type of bingo you’re playing.

Traditionally online bingo contains between 75 or 90 balls, and 25 numbers on your scoresheet. You have to guess which numbers will be drawn first, as a bingo win is only given to the first player who can match the numbers. You can communicate with other bingo players throughout the game, which makes this a fun and social game that anyone can enjoy.


Jackpot and prizes

Bingo is one of the cheapest casino games out there, but the winning prize can be big. We often see that Bingo games have a progressive jackpot which potentially can lead to big payouts. There are a lot of online casinos out there who offer new and exciting casino games. Some casinos are even solely based on Bingo. Even though the game is based on luck, you can still use strategies like your favorite number, birthdays etc

Bingo is rapidly growing in popularity when it comes to online casino games. The recent spike in popularity could possibly be due to the fact that bingo is an easy and cheap game, with progressive jackpots. The rules to Bingo are fairly simple, but how you match the drawn numbers to your scoresheet can vary. Good luck!


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