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Privacy Policy - Americasino

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy and General Information at

At Americasino, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the time to read this Privacy Policy. This document will provide you with the information you might need to be able to understand how we process, handle and protect the user data. We request you to go through the entire Privacy Policy to get an idea of how serious we are about the privacy of our users and what types of measures are taken. You will also understand how we collect and use personal details. We’d like to clarify that we collect, handle and protect details according to the recent EU regulations, and we are not ready to compromise in this regard.


The definitions given here will help you have an idea of our Privacy Policy in a better way. Please remember that when the terms like “our,” “us,” and “we” are used, these will refer to the company Americasino and its representatives. We take the responsibility of providing you and other users with accurate information, and everything is clearly mentioned in this Privacy Policy.

Supervisory Authority: A supervisory authority is a public sector, independent authority that is responsible for checking the quality of services provided by Americasino. Such authority is established by one of the EU Member states.


  • Services or Assistance: We provide plenty of services and regular assistance through our website. Some of the most prominent services are casino reviews, information about bonuses, betting site reviews, payment information, game reviews, gaming and sports news, and others. Please be informed that our services are not limited to all of these things, meaning we may also provide mobile options and other kinds of services or assistance whenever in need.
  • Member: A member is a person who registers with our company and has an active account with
  • Person: A person can be anyone like an individual, partner, unincorporated association or company.
  • Personal Details or Information: This means the information or details related to one’s identity are collected through legal and valid means. It is important for you to provide Americasino with identifiable information, and this data will not be shared with anyone, at any cost. We may collect direct or indirect information about your location, identification number, email ID, payment details and others. Factors like physical, genetic, economic, physiological, mental, social and cultural will contribute to how we collect, use or process personal data.
  • Account: An account is what a user has with Americasino.
  • Breach of Personal Data: This means the protection of a user’s data has not been ensured. It is also the unlawful or accidental sharing, alteration or loss of personal details.
  • Consent: Consent means a person allows us to use his personal details freely and signs an agreement to ensure that his data can be processed or collected in as much quantity as is needed.
  • GDPR: This means the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016.


Privacy Policy Subject to Amendments and Changes

We would like to inform that this Privacy Policy is subject to amendments. This means Americasino reserves the right to change some of its parts or the entire Privacy Policy whenever in need. For example, we can change the way we collect and use information. But it is ensured that the data we collect will be protected and secured in accordance with the rules and regulations mentioned in the Privacy Policy in effect. All amendments, changes or updates will be affected right after sending a notice to the users. We will also post the revised or updated version of the Privacy Policy on the website. At Americasino, we encourage and request you to view this document (Privacy Policy) once a while in order to have an idea of whether or not some changes have been made. We also advise you to go through the entire document in order to stay informed where the changes have actually been made. This will help you use the website in a better way and will allow you to be bound by the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy of our company.


Scope of The Privacy Policy

The terms or rules of our Privacy Policy are applicable to all types of user details you provide us. These are also applicable to the data we will collect from our users in the future.


Different Types of Data

At Americasino, we collect different types of information from our users such as their names, email IDs, payment details and other information. When visiting this website, you agree to the terms mentioned in this Privacy Policy and allow us to collect as much information as we need. We have a list of specific privacy policy facts; we collect information according to this list. For instance, we collect information regarding your mobile or computer device, IP address, and location. When you fill out the registration form, you enter certain information and provide us with the legal right to save and use it in the future.

Consent as Legal Basis

We use consent as one of the core reasons for collecting sensitive and non-sensitive data from our users. Everyone’s consent is given by acceptance of the Privacy Policy. For example, when you register on our site or continuously use our services, you give us the legal right to collect, save and process some of your information. If you want to revoke this consent, you are allowed to do so. We have already provided sufficient information about how to get it done easily and securely.

Transparency and Accuracy of Details

At Americasino, we try our level best to keep the personal details private and ensure the accuracy and transparency of data. In other words, it can be said that the information you provide us will be kept updated and won’t be changed or altered without your permission. If you want some changes like the change of your email address or password, you will have to inform us immediately so that we can keep our records updated. If you are unsure of what types of details you had provided us, you can ask us to give you the information we are holding. Please be informed that we retain, collect or save your data for as long as the account is active or as long as we need to process or use it. In simple words, we can say that we will continue saving your details until the time you are using any of our services.

The Rights of a User

As a user, you have the full right to create an account or use any of our services. In this Privacy Policy, we have clearly mentioned that we aim to meet the obligations and believe in processing the information fairly and comprehensively.

You reserve the rights to access or view any of our web pages and can ask or access the personal details we hold about you. You also have the right to withdraw the consent. This means if you do not want us to use, save or process your details, you can contact Americasino at the official email ID.

You have the rights to check whether or not the quality of your data is maintained. If you get to know or suspect that your personal details are incorrect or we have compromised on the quality, you reserve the right to rectify it anytime. We allow our users to access their details to ensure accuracy. If some changes are needed to be made, you are requested to inform us as soon as possible. Plus, you have the full right to get some details deleted. For example, you can ask us to remove, delete or alter some details like email ID and password. You can also request us to remove some information that you think that is not needed on the website or is useless. When we allow you to register an account or use our services, we will depend on the personal details you provide us. Please remember that if your age is below 18, you cannot use any of our services and are not allowed to register an account at Americasino.


Disclosure of Private Details

As a user, you will be given full access to the information we are going to collect. Some of the cases are as follows:

  • Advertisements or ads can be customized according to your desire. When you view an advert, the advertiser will assume that you have met his conditions.
  • Legal processing is required with the use of court order or by law.
  • Americasino trusts several companies, all of which ensure the privacy of users. Together, we sign a confidentiality agreement to improve user experience. In the meantime, we do not allow our partner companies to distribute user details at any cost, in any form.
  • If we decide to merge, consolidate, sell or reorganize Americasino, we will inform you accordingly and your personal details will be removed from the website immediately. In this case, the acquirer of the site will be responsible to follow the terms and conditions and take care of our privacy policy.


Tracking System or Cookies

Americasino and its partners use cookies or other technologies to analyze different trends, track the movement of users and improve the user experience. Different types of information are collected about our users based on their demographics or geographic locations. As a user, you can always control the use of cookies through your browser or can adjust their settings. We have partnered with third party websites to display some advertisements on our site and to manage our advertising system of other sites. At Americasino, we may or may not allow the business partners to use different tracking technologies on their respective sites. Plus, we may or may not let them track the behavior of our users on their own web pages. The third-party sites or Americasino’s partners can use cookies or other tracking technologies to track the behavior of their own users. The content they will display on their respective web pages will be according to your interests or browsing activities. Please remember that we use cookies for a couple of reasons, some of which are mentioned below:

  • To understand and save the preferences and interests of our users.
  • To track how many times they visit our website during a particular period of time.
  • To provide users with accurate and relevant advertisements and content.

Confidentiality and Privacy at Americasino

Please be informed that the accounts created at Americasino are protected with particular usernames and passwords. We also use SSL encryption through GoDaddy to protect user details. People working at Americasino get strict notifications in this regard. We do not allow any of our employees to access, save, share or process user details at any cost, in any form. User details are accessed and used only by the people who are to contact you on a regular basis.


Facts about Content

There is no guarantee that the content of Americasino is accurate and to the point. As a user, you must remember that some of the details provided on our web pages can be inaccurate or outdated. We reserve the right to change any part of our information without giving any notice to the users. Restrictions may also occur in different markets and on specific services, and these restrictions are part of our rules and regulations.


Complaints of the Users and Their Security

At Americasino, we analyze the potential risks associated with our services and the use of this website and ensure that the highest level of security is taken care of. We regularly review and update the security policies and want to improve them to an extent. We are aware of the importance of integrity and confidentiality of our users. We always keep the user details behind secure networks, and this information is accessible to only a few people or those who are given special rights to access our systems. All of them have to promise that the user details will not be stolen, shared or sold.

We have implemented a number of security measures to ensure that the correct user details are submitted, entered or accessed and to protect the personal information. As a user, you are allowed to take several security measures according to your desire. For example, you can change your username or password whenever you want. It is important to keep these details private, meaning you are responsible for nothing sharing the username and password with the third party.

At Americasino, we take the security of users seriously and ensure that no misuse is done by any of our employees. For this purpose, we use the SSL encryption technology which consists of 2048-bit encryption, 24/7 security, and compatibility with all web browsers and operating systems. We are currently not offering any solution to the problems related to third-party websites. In addition, you should bear in mind that we do not charge anything, in any form. The money exchanged on the name of Americasino is not our responsibility. We believe in the followings:

  • Fair and transparent gaming
  • Fast and quick communication
  • Seriousness about the user security

Breaches of Security

At Americasino, we take the security and protection of users seriously and respect the people who report any type of security breach. If such a report is submitted, we will take action within 48 hours. If the report of the security breach is unauthorized or invalid, we will delete it right away and close the case. And if the report is proved to be valid and authentic, then we will check our system as well as the user information that has been affected so far. All this is done in accordance with GDPR’s Art. 33. We try our level best to eliminate the damages and improve user experience.


How can you access your details?

If you want to access your private details, you can request us to let you access it. The data we will provide you with will include the followings:

  • Proof that your email was sent to us.
  • A copy of your personal data.
  • Other information you might need to access our website.

Please be informed that you can only request access to your own details, meaning you are not allowed to ask for the information related to other users or people. At Americasino, we promise to remove all the details from our system if you do not want us to keep it anymore. We will not charge any fee if you need to change or alter something, which means alterations or changes are done free of cost.


The right to withdraw the consent

When we use your private details, you have the full right to withdraw the consent anytime. In order to do so, you will have to submit a request to us or contact us directly through email. The GDPR has not specified how to actually make valid requests, so you can submit your request in a Word file or written form. We will try to address the issue as soon as possible. In some circumstances, this may take up to one month. We may also extend the time of response to up to two months if the request submitted to us is of a complex nature or when we have received plenty of requests from our users.


Joining the advertising program of Americasino

If you want to advertise your business on our site, you need to make the payment in advance. The first step is to submit details about your casino website, and then we will give you a number of packages to choose from. Once the payment has been made, we will show the advertisement on our site within 48 hours.


The use of Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google Tag Manager

At Americasino, we are using Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics to analyze the quality of traffic our website receives. For example, Google Analytics is being used to measure and check the total number of unique visitors. This tool also helps us track the behavior of users on our site.


What is Do Not Track?

Nowadays, almost all web browsers are giving an option to send the Do Not Track signals to a website. These signals show that you are not interested in getting tracked. The best way to access our website is that you should respond to these signals, as we may not be able to let you access some of our pages if a response is not received.


Sharing of information with the third party

At Americasino, we do not trade, share, sell, hand over or transfer the user data to a third party, and there are strict rules in this regard. This means any of your identifiable information will not be shared with anyone, at any cost. If it is done, you will be informed in advance and your written permission will be required. The list of third-party sites does not include websites of our partners or hosting provider.


Contact Us

If you have some concerns, issues regarding our Privacy Policy, we encourage you to contact us at [email protected]


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